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This is what a shortbread tastes like!
Filling quantity: 100g basic price indication: 29 € / kg, filling quantity: 200g basic price indication: 28 € / kg Ingredients: WHEAT FLOUR, CLEAN BUTTER with vanillin , Sugar, starch from WHEAT, H-WHOLE MILK, glucose syrup from WHEAT, HEN'S EGG YOLK, aroma: vanilla, spices: iodized table salt, lemon zest.
Nutritional information per 100g: Calorific value (in 100g): 1858 kJ / 443 kcal
Fat (%): 21g
of which saturated fatty acids (%): 13g
Carbohydrates (%): 59g
of which sugar (%): 19g
Protein (%): 4.6g
Salt (%): 0.39g All information is calculated according to nutritional tables
and are subject to natural fluctuations.