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We ship with DHL.

Packaging and shipping costs are borne by the client. In the event of missed shipments due to incorrect address information, as well as packages that have not been accepted, we must pass the costs on to the customer.

For individual shipments, we charge you with tracking

for parcels

-up to 5kg 6 €
-up to 10kg 7 €

- from 10kg 15 €

including packaging in Germany.

International packages:

Belgium, Denmark, France, Monaco, Dutch Austria, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain.

-up to 5kg 20 €

- up to 20kg 30 €

including packaging.

Further international packages on request to

Order date

Please order in good time. Orders during the Christmas period should be received by us 2 weeks before the desired delivery date.

Exchange of goods

If a part of a package is not in stock on the requested date, we will replace it with an article of the same value after consultation with you.