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We have been baking Printen according to our family recipe since 1842. With us you get Printen in all facets for every season.

The Printe is very changeable in texture depending on storage and processing, but the taste remains the same.

Originally the Printe is crisp and easy to break , suitable technique for this via a predetermined breaking point. Are you not crisp enough ? Well then in the fridge. They become soft due to high humidity! Our quick tip, put Printen and a cup of boiling water in a sealable container. For those not in a hurry, the bread or biscuit tin should be enough. Not soft enough? Then you should try the Chocolate Printe , due to the honey content in the dough, it is a little softer, slightly similar to gingerbread. We offer a mixture to try our basic varieties.

The Bruchprinte are particularly suitable:
Cooking with Printen for example for sauces , simply dissolved with a little liquid and heat.

Baking with Printen for example as a spice finely chop for e.g. biscuit dough, crumble, ice cream and dessert. Need an intense taste? Let it soak in liquid overnight, then seven e.g. for Krems.